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Attention Graduating Seniors

The Economics Department Graduation Reception

Prior to the University of Pittsburgh/Arts and Sciences Commencement Ceremony the Economics Department will host a Graduation Reception at the University Club, April 27, 2014 beginning at 10:00 am.

If you have not made arrangements to attend the Economic Department's reception, please contact Annette DiDiano (Nettie) in Undergraduate Advising.

For details concerning commencement regalia, please visit Graduation Central on April 8th or 9th.


The Department of Economics welcomes our new Professors

Mehmet Ekmekci is a microeconomist who specializes in dynamic game theory, corporate finance and political economy. His recent research includes the market for information in takeovers, information aggregation in auctions and price stickiness. He has published in top economics journals such as Review of economic studies, American economic review and Journal of economic theory.

Tymofiy Mylovanov is a microeconomist whose research interests lie in the area of Mechanism Design and Contract Theory with a focus on the topics of Optimal Delegation and Informed Principal. His recent research includes models of endogenous design of institutions, understanding the performance of prevalent arbitration procedures of conflict resolution, and reasons for existence of non-competitive allocation mechanisms.

Federico Zincenko is an econometrician who specializes in semiparametric and nonparemetric methods, hypothesis testing, and industrial organization. His recent research includes nonparametric estimation of auction models with risk-averse bidders, hypothesis testing in dynamic panels with local misspecification, and collusion among heterogeneous firms in Bertrand Competition. His future research includes nonparametric estimation and testing of microeconomics models under shape restrictions.

Employment Opportunities

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