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Computational Resources at Pitt

Dr. Kim Wong from The Center for Simulation and Modeling at Pitt will give a short presentaiton (followed by a Q&A session) on the computational resources at Pitt and about the center. His talk will take place on Monday August 25th at 3:30 p.m. in Room 4716. Everyone is invited.

The Department of Economics welcomes our new Professors

Rania Gihleb is an applied microeconomist who specializes in labor economics, the economics of the family, and education economics. Her recent research examines the link between spousal educational gap and intertemporal labor supply and human capital accumulation, the evolution of assortative mating in the US, and the causal effects of private primary schools on student outcomes.

Douglas Hanley is a macroeconomist specializing in innovation and technological change. His research has a strong quantitative focus and has addressed such issues as the challenges facing modern patent policy, basic versus applied research, and clean technology as it relates to global climate change. In the future, he hopes to study innovation in emerging markets such as China and the impact of trade secrecy.

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